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28-10-2013 | Why You Need High Quality Sports Socks When Playing Sport

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Whether you’re playing football, rugby or hockey, you need to look after your feet. Good quality sports socks are the first step to doing that. It may seem strange but a good pair of football socks can really improve your game and your recovery.


The Right Socks Have the Perfect Support


With the advancement of technology, socks are now more than just something to line your feet with inside your shoes. They offer the perfect support and comfort during your game. You can avoid all types of injuries, especially things like blisters and hotspots, by choosing socks that have the right padding, the right material and support to your ankles.


Good quality football socks will have comfort zones on your heels and balls of your feet. They ensure you can run for longer and not feel the pressure under foot; especially if you are playing an Astroturf game! High quality basketball socks also offer extra support around the ankles for when you’re jumping, so you don’t cause damage to your Achilles tendon.


100% Cotton Socks for Comfort?


You may here that 100% cotton is the best material for your feet. Socks made from this material will allow your feet to breath and soak up the moisture from the sweat. The downside is that once the material gets wet, that’s the way it stays—that’s not good during a game. You want a sock that get rid of the moisture to prevent blisters forming during your game.


Synthetic materials are great for this, especially polyamide. Fabrics with a high synthetic composition allow moisture to transfer from your feet, so there is no friction during your sporting activity. There is also no risk of the socks wrinkling up during your activity, which can lead to deterioration of the fabric and bunching in areas that can cause blisters.


Fit the Shoe with Quality Football Socks


Finally, good quality sports socks are designed to fit your shoe perfectly. This helps to stop your shoe from slipping, which not only prevents blisters but makes your game much better. You reduce the risk of tripping or cutting circulation off by having to tie your boots and running shoes too tightly.


Invest in a high quality pair of synthetic sports socks, with the right support and the perfect fit! They improve your ability to play and will also offer better protection for your feet.

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