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16-12-2013 | Apto Sports' Top 10 Pick of Christmas Sock Designs

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As the long nights close in and Christmas approaches, our early Christmas present here at Apto Sports to you is our top 10 pick of Christmas sock designs! Although we specialize in custom football socks, we still appreciate the novelty Christmas socks as an essential to any pile or presents or tightly packed stocking, so here are our top 10 designs just for you!


In at 10...
christmas custom socks
Debehnams 'Oh Great! Socks Again!' 

Socks are the most expected Christmas gift! That phrase, ‘socks again’ is on everyones mind when they fumble the soft, sock shaped package they’ve just pulled out from under the tree. If you open a pair of these socks, at least you’ll have a smile on your face!


At 9...


Accessorize - Rudolph with Snowflakes

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of warm cosy Rudolph socks? These socks are a classic novelty pair for a nice christmas treat to keep your toes warm on the big day!

Creeping in at 7…

Topman - Geeky Santa Socks

Topman have decided to modify old St. Nick with a pair of geeky glasses, a fashion statement that is never ending! Maybe if you have a nerdy side then these are the Christmas socks for you! 

Coming in at 6…

Asos - Silly Snowman Socks

These silly snowman socks are a nice addition to any Christmas sock collection. The scarf detail is stitched with glittering red thread, adding to the Christmas mood! 
At 5…

Selfridges - Pantherella Vintage Collection Socks 

There is nothing better than a luxury feel to your cold winter toes, these wool socks will keep your feet nice and warm this winter! Here at Apto Sports, we know the importance of good quality materials for socks, so these socks sit well at number 5! 

Breezing in at 4…

Topshop - Illustrated Reindeer Ankle Socks

This sock design might be a little on the basic side, but it’s a nice change from bright christmas colours covering every inch of material! This quirky reindeer illustration gives a nice Christmas touch to an everyday pair of socks! 

In 3rd place…

River Island - Father Christmas Slipper Socks

What makes Christmas socks even better? If they’re slippers too! River Island’s father Christmas slipper socks take third place, a great pair of novelty socks for friends and family. 

In 2nd place…

Topshop - Knitted Penguin Socks 

These adorable, detailed knitted penguin socks quite rightly deserve the second spot on our top 10 pick of Christmas socks. The 3D penguin is perfect for the striped black and white knit and would be a perfect pair of Christmas socks for a stocking filler! 

And finally, in first place…

Etsy (Independant Seller)  - Hand-made Crochet Elf Socks

If anyone received a pair of these crochet elf socks in a beautifully wrapped package, they’d really be in the Christmas spirit! Your elf socks can be made to your specification, and really have thought put behind them! Here at Apto Sports, we felt that this sock design deserved first place, not only for its design, but the effort put behind its creation! 

At Apto Sports, we’re all extremely excited for Christmas and the celebrations that it brings. Our top 10 pick of Christmas sock designs are great for a novelty Christmas gift! If you’re looking for a practical gift for a loved one, have a look on our Apto Sports site for great prices on custom football socks! Our custom sock builder allows you to choose your own personal style and colour of sock, as well as the addition of adding your own text to your custom football socks! Don’t forget, Apto Sports offer rugby socks and hockey socks, as well as a range of footballs and sports kit essentials! 

So along-side your novelty Christmas socks, why don’t you permanently put a smile on your loved ones face with a Christmas gift this Christmas from Apto Sports! 


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