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06-12-2013 | The Right Apto Sock for the Right Sport

custom football socks

Whether it is football, rugby or hockey, choosing the right sock for your sport is a vital way of ensuring your team are comfortable, look smart and are able to perform their best in every match. Whether you need custom football socks or Ergosock, read this article to find out exactly which Apto sock is right for your sport. 

If you are looking for high quality football socks, the Ergosock could be the one for you. This sock is designed to heighten the performance of the player with its ergonomic structure, which provides maximum support for the foot. It is also an incredibly durable sock meaning it lasts much longer and performs better than regular football socks. The Ergosock is extremely supportive with a specially designed polyamide cushion, which eliminates impact abrasion and ensures the sock is fitted securely. The ankle and foot arch keeps the sock in place, holding the shin pads firm, and the rib top is elasticated with extra stretch - meaning there is no need for tie-ups and can be worn without folding over. The ventilation panel on the calf area of the sock is designed to allow forward movement and also assists with moisture control. The Ergosock makes a great football sock, but is also highly functional for rugby and hockey too. It is readily available in 23 different colour options and can also be customised using our online custom sock builder if you can’t see your team’s colours.

Custom socks are great for teams who want to stand apart from the rest. Our easy to use online custom sock builder allows you to create custom football socks in your team’s colours. Available for the ergo and hooped sock designs, there are fifteen different fabric colour choices for you to combine to match your kit. There is also the option to add text to the sock to customise it further, meaning you can add your football, rugby or hockey team’s name or initials to the whole kit. Custom socks are available to order in bulk from 200 pairs, so you will always have plenty on hand to keep your team looking smart and professional. 
Our contrast top socks are football socks specially engineered for optimal durability and performance. The contrasted turnover top adds a second accent colour to plain football socks, keeping the sock in line with your team’s kit. Much like the Ergosock, it features a supportive ankle and foot arch which holds the sock and shin pads firmly in place, and an elasticated turnover to eliminate tie-ups. The contrast top sock supports the foot with a half cushion foot, which adds comfort and reduces impact abrasion. They can also be worn without folding over and are made from 99% polyamide which gives extra stretch and durability to the sock. 

Hooped socks are built much like the contrast top socks, but with an eye-catching striped ‘hoop’ design in your team’s colours, ideal for rugby kits. Made from the same durable fabric as the Ergosock, the hooped socks are stretchy and breathable for maximum performance on the pitch. The elasticated top does not need to be turned over and keeps the shin pads in place for the duration of the match. The hooped socks are readily available in ten different colour combinations and can also be customised using our online custom sock builder. 

Still unsure of which socks to choose? Take a look at our catalogue today and decide which socks are best for your team. All of our football socks make great options for rugby and hockey too and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes - including children’s sizes. 


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