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22-11-2013 | The Importance of your Team's Custom Kit

custom football socks


It’s all well and good going for a quick kick-about in the park in any old clothes, but when it comes to your team, sport’s kits are a serious matter. Everything from printed shirts to custom football socks can make a real difference to the game. Read on and discover the importance of your team’s custom kit.

The most obvious point is that a custom kit gives a smart and professional appearance on the pitch. Wearing a distinctive custom kit gives your team a set identity making them memorable to everyone from supporters to scouts; setting them apart from the rest. Within the team, it creates a common identity and instils a sense of pride with the players, much like with supporters and fans who sport their team’s merchandise off the pitch. If all players are proud to be a part of the team, their common goal to make their team the best will promote unity, discipline and improve teamwork. In larger teams it is considered an honour to be able to wear the team’s kit, so to be given the privilege to wear a custom kit should solidify the unity even more.

Equality is often something that is associated with any group of people who wear a uniform, whether it is school children or members of the emergency services. The same applies to athletes; if every player is on the pitch in the same uniform, they are all equals. This means each member of the team is as worthy as any other - influences outside the team are irrelevant when playing the sport.

Providing a custom kit for your team in the long-run they can save a lot of money. Most items can be bought in bulk for the entire team, which often involves wholesale prices and deals, bringing the cost of kit per player well below the price tag of an individual purchase. That way, there’s plenty of money left over in the budget to spend on the latest training equipment to make sure your team are the best out there! By printing names and numbers on the back of the shirts, players will be able to quickly and easily identify each other on the pitch, keeping them on top of their game at all times. Custom football socks add to the team’s unity and make their kit stand out from the rest. If each player’s kit is easily identifiable there will be no mix-ups in the changing rooms, leaving more time to talk tactics before the game.

Custom football socks are perhaps the most overlooked part of the kit - but also one of the most important! Apto Sports understands the importance of custom football socks to completely unite your kit and your team. Customising your football socks to match the rest of the kit ties it all together, giving a smart, professional appearance that lets the opposition know you mean business! It is really important to take performance into consideration when it comes to deciding on a custom kit. Although the printing and colours are important for the team’s identity, it’s the materials used and how the garments are constructed that affect how the game is played. Comfort, stretch and durability are important factors to consider for each part of the kit from the shirt and shorts right down to the football socks and boots.

Apto Sports offer custom football socks for teams in both Ergo and Hooped styles. Creating your own custom football socks using our step-by-step online sock builder app couldn’t be easier. Your team’s new custom football socks will be delivered to you within 4-6 weeks, ready for your next big game.  


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