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18-12-2013 | Ergo Sock Science

The composition of the fabric is one of the most important attributes of any sports or custom socks. We know that quality synthetic hosiery allows you to outperform the standard cotton sock, so in order to give you the low down on the science behind the Ergo Sock we’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of the most common fabrics put into your sports and custom socks.


Cotton is soft and breathable fabric and is the most commonly used natural fibre in clothing today. Despite this, cotton is a hydrophilic fibre, meaning that it absorbs and retains moisture rather than dispelling it through the fabric. This is appropriate for everyday use but during periods of exercise an athlete's foot can output up to a pint in perspiration! This exceeds the absorption of any sock which meaning that your feet will stay wet which promotes athlete's foot and blistering. Moisture absorption also affects the durability of the sock, resulting in loss of shape. 


As wool is a natural fabric it has similar attributes to cotton, in that it is breathable, hydrophilic and lacks durability. However, although wool is also a hydrophilic fibre, studies show that tight woolen socks deter athletes foot and retain heat when wet - this  may not be of much use on the pitch but makes it a firm favourite with hikers!


Polyamide overcomes the water absorption problems faced by natural fibres as it is a hydrophobic material meaning that is pushes moisture through it creating a wicking gradient into the shoe. This is important as studies show that this prevents foot fungus and blistering.


Few sports and custom socks have as much thought put into them, and offer as much protection, comfort and durability as the Ergo Sock. As well as the polyamide composition, the construction of the Ergo Sock also helps you to outperform the competition. The ergonomic design cushions the foot and reduces abrasion from impact. The elasticated top combined with the ankle and foot arch help to keep the sock in position whilst holding your shin pads firmly in place. The flex vent zone is designed to enable movement and moisture wicking without bunching the fabric. When we say that the Ergo Sock is the ultimate teamwear sock, we mean it.


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