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09-07-2013 | Cardiovascular (CV) Pre-Season Fitness Training Programme

Pre-Season Fitness Training Programme

Pre-season cardiovascular fitness training

It's difficult to know the best way to get your team back to full fitness after a long break. To make planning your pre-season fitness training a bit easier, we've put together a cardiovascular training programme with the help of a level 2 personal trainer. This programme will get your team back to match fitness.

Warm Up

- 5 mins jogging (side steps / high kness / heel kicks)
- Dynamic stretches (open / close the gates, roll shoulders)

Static stretches

- Upper and lower body stretches (hold for 8-10 seconds)


- 2-3 minutes gentle jog

Cardiovascular fitness

- Interval Shuttles (cones as markers)
- Shuttle runs (5 x shuttles 5 meters apart)
- 2-3 x sets 2-3 mins recovery between

- Interval pitch (outer lines used)
- Walk / Jog width of pitch
- Run / sprint length
- Repeat as many times as you want

- Shuttle runs on pitch inc. exercises (very hard!)
- Start at goal line
- Shuttle to 6 yard box (5 tuck jumps)
- Shuttle to 18 yard box (5 press ups)
- Shuttle to half way (5 burpees)
- Shuttle to opposite 18 yard box (5 press ups)
- Shuttle to opposite 6 yard box (5 tuck jumps)
- Shuttle to opposite goal line
- Repeat if needed

Game drills

Cool down and stretches (static)

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